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Seamless hiring experience

We believe that the best hiring experience can be achieved by setting a well-defined interview process that will offer both company and candidate a transparent process, clear expectations, and a seamless experience.

When it comes to interviews, the first impression is always important and we believe that transparency will give both parties the best impression.
Clear expectations
Wrong expectations will always lead to disappointment. Setting clear expectations from the beginning is crucial for a long-lasting relationship.
Straightforward process
An over-complicated process will always result in a confused and unsatisfied candidate and make the company decision even harder.

We connect

Our platform is designed to connect talents and job seekers to their potential employers and make the hiring process faster, transparent and more straightforward.

Hiring process automation
Create your company profile, define your hiring process, publish a job post, and start receiving job applications from potential employees,
Faster hiring
Schedule and invite candidates to interviews, rate their performance and send offer letters and handle employment terms negotiations.


Straightforward Talent Acquisition

Speed the hiring process and offer the best transparent and clear interviewing experience to your future employees.

Company profile
Introduce your company and present its work culture, employee benefits and business industry.
Job applications
Receive and manage multiple job applications from interested candidates and contact them directly.
Hiring process management
Define different hiring process for different job positions and setup introduction, technical and final interviews.
Interview invitations
Send interview invitations to candidates and let them choose from different time slots.
Job offers
Offer candidate an employment contract with salary, bonus, stock options, start date, notice period, etc.
Offer negotiation
Give candidates the ability to negotiate offer terms until both of you can reach a satisfactory agreement.


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Publish your job posts for free. You can receive an unlimited number of applications, manage any number of interview processes, and send an unlimited number of offers to candidates.

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