About Us

Jobiblo is a new platform that was designed to connect talents and job seekers to their potential employers and make the hiring process faster, transparent and more straightforward.

Our services

For hiring managers

Jobiblo offer hiring managers who are looking to grow their team multiple services.

Job publisher
Publish your jobs using the simple and sophisticated job publisher tool on our platform that was designed specific to be easier to scan and attract the attention of job seekers.
Job applications
Receive job applications from interested candidates, invite the ones match your requirements and follow the progress of each application including sending an offer in the end.
Job invitations
Browse the list of candidates and directly invite the ones that meet your requirements to job interviews.

Our services

For job seekers

Jobiblo offers job seekers who are looking for a new job can enjoy multiple free services in our platform.

CV generation
Build a simple yet professional CV with modern design and downloaded it later as PDF.
Job search
Browse and filter all published jobs and apply to the ones that match your profile. You can also manage and follow the progress of your applications.