Online Video Editing Course Teacher. Work from home & part time.

Video editor 1-10 employees 20K - 40K CAD / Annually
Mid-Level, Junior, Senior Contract Part-time Remote

About This Position

Position: Online Video Editing Course Teacher. Work from home & part time.


- Extensive experience with video editing software and tools (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro)

- Knowledge of basic and advanced video editing concepts and techniques

- Ability to create a clear and engaging course structure and curriculum

- Proven ability to create high-quality video and audio content, including visual aids such as animations, graphics, and other media assets

- Passion for video editing and desire to help aspiring editors improve their skills and achieve their career goals

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Who You Are

  • We're looking for a skilled and passionate online video editor course teacher to join our team and help us educate the next generation of video editors. We believe that anyone can learn to edit videos like a pro with the right guidance and resources. That's why we're developing a comprehensive video editing course that covers everything from basic cutting and trimming to advanced color grading and special effects and we need your help!

What You'll Do

  • As the online video editing course teacher, you will be responsible for creating a high-quality, engaging and informative video course that will cover all aspects of video editing. Our company will take care of all the sales and marketing, so you can focus on delivering the best possible course content to our students.

What You'll Get

  • Benefits of this job include the ability to work flexible hours from anywhere, part-time work arrangements, and the opportunity to earn a royalty based on every course sale, which means you get paid forever by doing the work only once!
  • What we bring to the table:
  • We provide the sales and marketing to promote the online course. Your course will be part of a bigger course that teaches students how to start their own video editing business. Our other teacher whom has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, will be teaching students how to get video editing clients and all of the other business aspects. Your role will only be to teach video editing and nothing else.
  • Compensation:
  • You will be compensated in the form of passive income generated from the course sales. You will have access to our online dashboard where you can track course sales. The commission percentage will be determined based on the number of students who enroll and complete your courses based on our dedicated sales professionals. You are not responsible for sales. You can expect to earn a significant and consistent income stream over time as students continue to enroll in the video editing course. For each student that signs up, you will receive $500 in perpetuity. Benefit from doing work one time, and getting paid a royalty for life from creating the video editing online course.
  • So if you're a skilled video editor with a passion for teaching, we want to hear from you. Apply now and join us.


Salary Range
20000 – 40000 CAD / Annually
Bonus Range
No Bonus Range
Stock Range
No Stock Range

Job Employment Term

Earliest start date
01 May 2023
Working Hours
20h / Week
Unlimited vacation policy
Work Probation Period
1 Month
Work Notice Period
1 Month